Our Aim

The majority of people of Pakistani origin settled in Scotland originate from Faisalabad and surrounding districts. This ethnic minority community in itself is the largest in Scotland. Increasing feedback from UK sponsors highlighted the need in this region for a high quality service which helped to ensure that genuine applicants could come to the UK and not suffer as a result of poor quality advice.
For this reason BVS aims to:
  • Provide a premium service not matched by any other advisor in Pakistan through advisors from the UK with many decades of experience in this area who understand both the United Kingdom and Pakistan very well.
  • Maintain the integrity of the UKBA International Division and its visa posts abroad but particularly in Pakistan and Abu Dhabi.
  • Eliminate fraud, including false documentation and statements, and welcome genuine applicants who fit the UKBA criteria as well as the immigration laws.
  • Support only genuine applicants to the UK and thus enhancing the positive image of both countries as well as promoting trade and peace.